Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Sunday Schedule?

  • 9:15 – Patio/Side Door opens; use the sidewalk to the right of Main Entry. Prayer meeting (Office), open to all! Coffee in Social Hall
  • 9:45 – Main Entry Door opens. Nursery / Toddlers area opens
  • 10:00 – Main Service begins with singing
  • 10:30 – Break and greet, children under 12 to Children’s Church
  • 10:40 – Message/Teaching Time (sermon)
  • 11:30 – End of service

Are there any other services or meetings?

Yes. Wednesday night from 6:00 – 7:00, our Pastor teaches through a book of the Bible. Generally, we take a 3-month hiatus from Wednesday Night Service around Summer. There is a monthly meeting for the men and a meeting for the women listed in the bulletin. Also, we encourage “Home Fellowship Groups,” which meet in small groups in homes for fellowship and Bible Study.

What is Calvary Chapel’s style of worship?

The worship service at Calvary Chapel of Leesburg is in two parts: singing and teaching. A distinctive of Calvary Chapel is that all of our singing time is “corporate,” meaning we all sing together. There are no solos, choir, or small group songs. We project song lyrics up on the projection screen, so we don’t use hymnals. Our songs stress sound doctrine, often quoting Scripture, and is generally in a “contemporary” style. We also sing the “old hymns.” Some people lift up their hands when they sing; some don’t. During singing, most people stand, but some sit, or sometimes kneel. This is your choice. We hold the role of the Holy Spirit as very important in our worship, so you will notice some flexibility in the order and emphases in any given service. Our service is not “liturgical,” meaning the leader and congregation do not read or recite the same things each week.

What does Calvary Chapel have for my children?

The number of babies, children, and teens we have varies, but we are committed to providing education for each of them. There is Nursery and Toddler care from 9:45 to the end of the service. Children’s Church begins after the song time till the end of service. Both are in the Education Wing accessed through the Patio/Side Entrance or the door to the right of the podium in the Sanctuary (bear right). When the numbers of teens are sufficient, we are very open to having a Teen Group to meet at another time. Everyone age 12 and up participates in the entire Sunday Church service from 10 – 11:30. All our children’s care and teachers have had a background check, and there are monitored security cameras in every classroom and hallway, for your children’s safety and your peace of mind.

How do your members do “giving?”

You’ve probably noticed that we do not “take an offering” during the Sunday morning service. Calvary Chapel has the conviction that giving should be done quietly, as a matter between the believer and God. Therefore we teach the Biblical principle of “tithing” (giving 10% of one’s income to God), and we provide giving envelopes and a “tithe box” just inside the Main Entry door and the East Entry door. People place their gifts into the Tithe Box. Each person’s actual giving is a private matter of conscience before God. Neither the Pastor nor the Elders know what anyone gives.

What are your financial practices and accountability?

Calvary Chapel of Leesburg is a “Florida Non-Profit Corporation,” and all donations are tax-deductible. CCL has a checking account, a budget, and a bookkeeper using QuickBooks. Our bookkeeper pays the bills, and produces financial statements that are reviewed and approved monthly by the Pastor and all the Elders. Once a year, an outside accountant reviews our books. Any member may review our financial reports by asking an elder.

Can I give online?

Yes. On our website at, there’s a form where you can give online. It is very quick and easy.

What kinds of ministries does CCL do?

The Pastor is our teacher and shepherd, whose task it is to “equip the saints for ministry,” but he is not the only “minister.” The members of the church are also “ministers.” So you will see in the bulletin under “Ministries to Serve You and Others” the different ministries available and led by different men and women in the church. These include the Salvation Army, Home Fellowship Groups, Operation Christmas Child, Men’s and Women’s Groups, Young Single Men, and others. If you have an area of ministry that you wish to pursue, speak to an elder, and we will pray and counsel with you about it and see how the Church might support with resources. CCL also directly supports and sends members to help out at an Elementary Christian School in Bayonnais, Haiti.

What about Church “charity” or “benevolence?”

Being a smaller church, we are not as equipped to directly help the community with such things as addiction counseling and rehab, food & clothing, etc. But the Church gives a monthly support donation directly to the “Christian Care Center” at the corner of Main Street and Hwy 27 in Leesburg, a multi-church ministry of assistance directed and staffed by people from many different churches. For the CCL church family, we provide direct emergency assistance to members, as needed, and as discerned by the Elder Board.

What about women in ministry?

The Bible teaches a high view of women in general and teaches that both sexes are of the same worth, dignity, and value in God’s Kingdom. CCL encourages women to do ministry in the church and in the community. If you look in our Sunday Bulletin, you will read that about half our ministries are led by women. Frankly, the Church would be crippled without the ministry of its women. The Bible also teaches that women are not to take authority over their husbands, or men in the church (1 Tim 2:12). Therefore we hold that the three authoritative public ministries of preaching, eldership, and the teaching of men, are limited to godly, mature males who meet the qualifications. (1 Timothy 3, Titus 1, 1 Peter 3).

Do you have formal “membership?”

No. There is not a formal membership roll. The Church business is all done by the Officers of the Church (the Elders and Pastor). Informally we consider a “member” to be a committed person who has been attending at least six months. Before anyone commits to a ministry in the church, we ask that they complete six months of regular attendance.