If you’re new to Calvary Chapel of Leesburg (or Calvary Chapels in general), here’s some background info on who we are, and what to expect at one of our services.

What to expect when you visit Calvary Chapel of Leesburg

 If you’ve already watched some of our sermons on Facebook or YouTube, or listened on the Calvary Chapel of Leesburg podcast, you already know what to expect from the teaching time.

Doors open at 9:45 for Coffee and Talk Time – This is a great time for you to arrive!

We are not a large church, so yes, you will probably be recognized as a “visitor” right away. But don’t worry, we won’t overwhelm you. You can expect to be greeted by several people, and someone may offer to guide you back to our kitchen to brew yourself a Keurig coffee. If we forget to offer, just ask.

Shake some hands, get a cup of coffee in the kitchen, chat with some friendly folks, and then sit anywhere you like.

COVID-19 Notes

Masks are not required, hand sanitizer is provided if you wish. We don’t push “social distancing;” sit where you want, stand where you want. Do what’s comfortable for you and others.


“Where do I send my children?” you may ask. We believe in “age-integrated worship,” meaning your children are welcome to remain with you throughout the service. However, if you prefer we can generally offer nursery/toddler care (ages 0-5), or children’s church (ages 6-10). Ask Pastor Ron, or ask for Dottie.


We have a nursery for your convenience. Because we don’t have any babies at the moment, we don’t have the Nursery staffed, so parents are welcome to use it as needed for crib naps, floor play, nursing, and diaper changes. If you decide to attend regularly we will staff the nursery so you can leave your baby or toddlers there while you enjoy the service.


As a visitor, nobody expects you to give an offering. Just enjoy the service and fellowship. You won’t even see an “offering plate.” There is a “Tithe Drop Box” at the entrances and our people just drop their tithes and offerings in there. This is something between you and God.

10:00 – Singing: The service begins at 10 am with singing. We believe our songs must be acceptable and pleasing to God. Worship is about God, not about us. So our songs are not about “how we feel” but about “how great God is.” There are no solos, or special duets, and no “performance.” There is generally a worship leader who plays either guitar or keyboard, and sings just loud enough so that you can learn the melody and follow along. The music is not painfully loud, and there are no mood lights or fog machines … just simple songs, both contemporary songs, and older hymns. We invite people to stand to sing, and most do, but you don’t have to. We stress correct doctrine in our songs, and won’t use any songs published by churches of faulty doctrine. We sing for about 20 minutes. This prepares our hearts to receive the teaching in the Bible to follow.

10:30 – Meet and Greet: after singing we take 5-10 minutes to greet each other, bathroom break, etc.

10:40 – Teaching: Pastor calls for us to have a seat, and then prays for the Church, and begins the teaching. We tend not to say “preach the sermon” but “teach the message.” Why? Because the Calvary Chapel method and style is “expository,” which means that we choose one of the 66 books of the Bible and then teach it from beginning to end, chapter by chapter, and verse by verse. A short book, like “Jude,” may take two weeks. A long book, like Genesis, may require a year. The style of teaching is calm, and enthusiastic. What you won’t hear is any shouting, or appeals for money, ever.

11:25 – Ending: the teaching closes, and we may end with a Pastoral blessing, or closing song. We are dismissed, but many stick around to chat and catch up with friends. There’s no hurry to leave. And Pastor Ron stays around as long as it takes, no hurry. This would be a great time to come meet Ron and Ruth, and ask any questions about the church, the teaching, our doctrine, or ask for prayer.

Literature / Information

What else? On the wall in the back of the sanctuary is a handout for you. It’s called “Calvary Chapel, General Information.” Take one. Also we encourage you to fill out a “Visitor Card” and drop it in the Tithe Box to ask any questions, or just to receive a follow up call or email from the Pastor. Feel free to take any literature you see on the Literature Table or wall display.

When you return home

If, after your visit, you still have questions, Pastor Ron welcomes calls (352-460-7595) and emails ([email protected]) to discuss anything. We pray that you find a good church that teaches the whole Bible, verse by verse, and that ministers to your heart. We would be honored if you decide that is Calvary Chapel of Leesburg.